Label Printers

Why Label Printers?

Label Printers are extremely useful for businesses looking to print single-use labels. 

We stock both Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Label Printers.

Direct Thermal Transfer Label Printer

These printers do not require a ribbon to print, but require a heat sensitive label roll with the special coating to enable to the image and content to transfer onto it.

Direct Thermal Transfer Label Printers require no ink, toner or ribbons to print.

The labels for the Direct Thermal only print in black and have a shelf life of 1 year or less.

Thermal Transfer Label Printer

Thermal Transfer Label Printers require a ribbon to print, and require only plain label rolls.

The labels for Thermal Transfer Label Printers can be printed in various colours and have a shelf like of over 1 year.

Thermal Transfer printers are more durable and can accept a wider variety of media than Direct Thermal models, including: paper rolls, polyester and polypropylene materials.