Thermal Printers

Why a Thermal Printer?

Thermal Receipt Printers offer fast and versatile printing solutions for all types of businesses.

There are thermal heads in the printer that provide the heat for melting the coating substance on the paper rolls, so the reaction takes place as the rolls are printed on.

Thermal Printers have a higher printing quality due to their inkless printing mechanisms, where there are no problems with too little or too much ink being released onto the paper rolls.

POSPaper's Thermal Printers

POSPaper has a range of Epson Thermal Receipt printers all compact, reliable and optimized for high-speed production.

The great range of Epson thermal printers are hugely important to the retail, restaurant and hospitality industries, because of their unique features.

POSPaper look after all your thermal printing supplies, so please browse our great range of Epson Thermal Printers below.