Thermal Paper Rolls

What are Thermal Docket Rolls?

Thermal docket rolls or Thermal Paper Rolls are generally used in Thermal Printers for receipts, invoices and orders. The paper is impregnated with a chemical that changes colour when exposed to heat. The heat generated in the print head transfers to the thermal docket roll and activates the ink to develop colour. 

Our Thermal Docket Rolls

At POSPaper we stock different sized Australian made thermal paper rolls to fit most printers capabilities. We’ve also included larger box sizes of our great thermal docket rolls for ease of purchase, without the hassle of returning every week.

We have the popular 80mm x 80mm Thermal Paper Rolls perfect for receipts.

We then have two Eftpos Receipt Roll Sizes 57mm x 38mm for most standard Eftpos Machines, and a larger 57mm x 47mm Eftpos Receipt Roll.

If you'd prefer to buy our Thermal Paper Rolls in bulk please get in touch with us!