How to measure a Thermal Paper Roll?

Author: POSPaper   Date Posted: 7 March 2016 

Do you need some help measuring a thermal paper roll for your printer? Do you need some help measuring a thermal paper roll for your printer?

Are you wondering the difference between all the numbers next to your desired paper roll?

For example: 80mm x 80mm x 11.5mm?

We’re here to help! Measuring a paper roll and understanding what aspect of the roll the (mm) is referring to is actually quite simple. 

The 80mm x 80mm paper roll is without a doubt the most common and popular paper roll on the market. 80mm x 80mm paper rolls fit in most brands of thermal docket printers and is known to some as the standard thermal printing roll.

Take a look at the diagram below. We have highlighted the areas of the paper roll which are always included when referring to their size, to make sure you’re purchasing the right one!

POSPaper- How to Measure a Paper Roll

A: Paper Width

B: Paper Diameter

C: Core Size

Something to keep in mind is the Core Size of a roll. With today’s new printers and eftpos terminals the core size doesn’t have much bearing on what roll to order and to not order, as you simply just put the roll in and presto! 

Something to keep in mind is that some cheaper paper companies use a bigger core size and give you less paper per roll.

Point of Sales supplies are our specialty, so please get in contact with us today if you’re unsure about what size paper roll you need.

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