Thermal Eftpos Rolls- A guide to help you find the right paper roll!

Author: POSPaper   Date Posted: 5 December 2016 

Thermal Eftpos Rolls- A guide to help you find the right paper roll! Thermal Eftpos Rolls- A guide to help you find the right paper roll!

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We’ve heard them all, and here at POSPaper we stock two sizes in Thermal Eftpos Receipt Rolls.

Something to keep in mind is that not all Eftpos Rolls are the same and not all Eftpos Terminals are the same. There are lots of different sized Eftpos terminals, but we stock two sizes that are quite common for Australian Eftpos Terminals.

The two thermal eftpos rolls we stock are:

57mm x 47mm & 57mm x 38mm

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Here’s a few ways you can find the right sized thermal roll size for your terminal:

  • Contact the manufacturer- Contact the manufacturer of the Eftpos Terminal. There are a lot of manufacturers but all terminals will have a manufacturer brand name and a model name.
  • Contact the Provider- If you’ve purchased your terminal through a bank, then contact the bank. If a bank has provided you with a terminal they will have access to the roll size you will need.
  • Check the Manual- In most manuals there will be a section with ‘Terminal Specifications’ or ‘Paper Roll’ where the paper roll size should be listed. Most should give you the width, diameter and the core size.
  • Google it- There isn’t much you can’t find on Google these days! If you’re really stuck enter the brand and model, followed by ‘paper roll’ and quite possibly you’ll find the right paper roll for your eftpos terminal.
  • Contact Us- Our POS experts can do the hard work and find the right paper roll for your machine. We’ll even let you know which out of our two sizes is the best fit!

Eftpos Receipt Rolls are generally all Thermal Rolls. Most Eftpos Terminals use thermal paper rolls so that no ink is needed to print. This allows them to be even more compact, small and portable!

If you need any help choosing the right thermal eftpos roll for your business, please get in touch with us!

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